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Happy Adventures is now providing Jet Ski rental in Dubai Marina, JBR and Jumeirah. Jet Skis that we have guarantees a safe and steady handling on the open Sea. Never tried to ride on a Jet Ski before? No worries! The power control of your Dubai Jet Ski can be accustomed in easy way. A personal trainer will assist you to find the right setup for your Jet Ski Rental Dubai. We provide best Jet Skis, and the strongest, fastest Jet Skis for rent in Dubai.

We provide private instructor who will take care of you as you ride the Jet Ski. Jet Ski Dubai tours are basically a blend of Jet Ski rental, exploration and round trip. Your Jet Ski Rental Dubai will take you to the beautiful spots of the Dubai coastline, like Atlantis Hotel, Burj Al Arab and Dubai Luxury Yacht.

Wondering how a Jet Ski Rental Dubai works? Located in the heart of the Dubai Marina where stunning skyscrapers are seen. The best way to reach us is to call our Customer Service and they will assist you with the location and how to avail our Jet Ski Rental in Dubai.

Things to consider before booking Jet Ski Dubai:

  • Starts around 9 am and ends around 4 pm
  • Includes Jet Ski rental for 1 to 2 people per ride, Photo shot, Tour Guide
  • Available parking area, restaurants, separate washrooms for men & women, lockers to keep your personal belongings
  • Allowed age is 16 years old and above to drive the Jet Ski
  • Arrive on the spot in advance to ensure reservation
  • Ready your swim wear, sun block, changing clothes and camera
  • Enjoy the Jet Ski ride but ensure safety first, wear life jacket, avoid swimmers on the shore, be alert from other drivers, obey speed limit rules

Seat on shuttle boat and sail from the Yacht Club to the Palm Jumeirah while we instruct you with the safety procedures and how to operate the Jet Ski. You don’t need to be mechanically inclined but have a little knowledge of it so it can help you have the best Jet Ski Dubai ride. The engine of Jet Skis is equipped with 1100cc to 1800cc which is more powerful than any cars driven on the road. Let our licensed and experienced instructors brief you with and you are ready to jump on the Jet Ski Dubai and enjoy the water adventure.

Learn how to take turns on corners, try small jumps on the waves, speed up to bash the water and enjoy the amazing view of Dubai shoreline. You don’t have to be an expert to fully enjoy the ride to Jet Ski, all you have to do is seize the moment of your Jet Ski Dubai Rental.

Aside from Jet Ski Dubai Rental, you can explore and try Parasailing in Dubai Marin and JBR, Fly Board and Yacht.

Spend wonderful time with friends and family and enjoy the exceptional view of Dubai attractions. Fuel up your adrenaline, freedom and fun as you witness the other angle view of the Gulf.


MOBILE NO: (+971) 55 - 230 1416 / 55 - 959 2333

Important note / Cancellation / Amendment / Refund policy:
  • Booking should be made at least 48 hours in advance or subject to availability.
  • Trip cancellation / amendment should be informed within 24 hours otherwise 100% Cancellation Charges may apply.
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